10 Detox Baths To Rejuvenate And Renew Your Body And Spirit

10 Detox Baths To Rejuvenate And Renew Your Body And Spirit

10 Detox Baths

In today’s fast-paced society, we don’t spend enough time caring for our bodies. This means that we don’t eat the right foods, don’t drink enough pure water, and fail to de-stress our minds and bodies enough. Fortunately, amazing results can be obtained by engaging in regular detox baths. A bath with any number of healthy additives can be good for your skin and can refresh your mind, body, and spirit.

Let’s look at some rejuvenating detoxification baths you can use as part of your personal health care:

1.    Use Dead Sea Salt Bath Salts:  Sea salt baths are incredibly relaxing and you do not have to travel to Israel and soak in the Dead Sea, you buy real dead sea salt bath products right here in the USA. Sea salt baths have been used for millennia for all sorts of skin ailments and relaxation. Use the natural, non-oxidized sea salt that can be purchased in bulk at many health food stores. After such a bath, you can regain lost energy and will feel more energized throughout the day, without having to drink coffee or other caffeinated beverage. There are sea salt bath salts that are infused with essential oils, like Eucalyptus that makes the bath so much more relaxing and healing.

2.    Essential Oil Bath:  There are many essential oils, such as peppermint oil and lavender oil that can soothe the body and mind when added a few drops at a time to warm bath water. Some provide simple aromatherapy to soothe you while others have properties that heal the skin without having an odor. Speak to a reputable herbalist about things you can add to your bath to help combat stress, depression, headache and fatigue. Peppermint, for example, is a good oil to add to your bath after a long, exhausting day. Lavender promotes relaxation and improves sleep.

3.    Ginger Bath:  Taking a bath containing ginger root can be very detoxifying. You can simply grate fresh ginger into the bath or sprinkle in some ginger root powder. Ginger is healing because it causes you to sweat out toxins, just as if you were taking a steam bath or sauna.

4.    Hydrogen peroxide bath:  Some people call this an oxygen detoxification because of the extra oxygen in the hydrogen peroxide molecule. It helps bacterial and viral infections and keeps them from taking over. If you want to get rid of the germs of daily human contact, put some hydrogen peroxide into a warm, bubbly bath and soak in it for about a half an hour.

5.    Baking soda detoxification bath:  Baking soda has more uses than just in cooking. Add it to your bath to de-stress your day and to detox the body. Baking soda is known to neutralize the chlorination of water you get from municipal water sources. By neutralizing the chlorine, the water you are soaking in is cleaner for your body.

6.    Seaweed Detoxification Bath:  There is a specific mix of kelp, clay, and bladder wrack that you can get at health food stores to mix in with your bath. The idea is that this combination will increase your blood and lymph flow, detoxifying the body. You need to sit in the bath for 20-30 minutes to get the maximum effect.

7.    Bentonite Clay Bath: Bentonite clay is known to clear your skin from heavy metals using its magnetic powers. Heavy metals can absorb through your skin, can be inhaled, and ingested. A bentonite clay bath detoxifies your body of these heavy metals. Bentonite clay can be obtained at certain health food stores.

8.    Detox with Epsom salts:  Epsom salts can be used for footbaths to decrease foot discomfort and in a whole bath, in which it has detoxifying powers. It is said to increase circulation and help your nerves function better. Try a bath with Epsom salts at least once a week for the best health outcome.

9.    Magnetic Clay Detoxification Bath:  In this bath, you incorporate magnetized clay that can draw heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury, lead, and aluminum from your body. There are different magnetized clays for the various heavy metals you might encounter. You can use a different clay in succession to draw out all of the different heavy metals, one by one.

10.    Apple Cider Vinegar Bath:  Apple cider vinegar is a great substance to take in internally and to bathe in. It can be used to relieve pain you get from gout or other forms of arthritis and is an amazing anti-inflammatory substance. It aids in sweating so you can naturally get rid of the toxins in your body through your sweat glands.

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