8 Eating Habits to Lose Weight

8 Eating Habits to Lose Weight

eating-habits-to-lose-weightMost of the people are looking for ways to slim down. Here, let’s share the 8 eating habits which help to lose weight in a healthy way.

1. Breakfast is the most important meal in a day. From research, those who have satisfying and healthy breakfasts are actually slimmer then those who do not take breakfast at all. As we wake up, the metabolism of our bodies are slow.

By eating breakfast, this works like a wake up call for our bodies. So the earlier you eat your breakfast, the earlier your body starts to work. Of cause, this will definitely helps to burn more calories. Food like lean meat, eggs will help to replenish the protein to rebuild the cells in our bodies.

2. When we are having our meal, our brain needs about 20 minutes to know that the food is enough and we are full. If you are eating fast, before your brain could tells you it is enough, you have already eaten too much.

Therefore, slow eating will helps to reduce about 67 k calories and improve the digestion of the food.

3. Desserts are considered as the “unforgiving” diet in weight losing program due to the high calories contain in desserts. Eating desserts will helps to satisfy one’s desire and strengthen the determination to be on diet.

We know that when we are hungry, our bodies absorb the calories most. Therefore, do not eat high calories desserts like cheese cake before meal. Try to eat after meal, the fiber from the meal will helps to absorb the fats in the desserts.

4. Some will assume slimming diets means no meats or fats, only vegetables and fruits. However, the healthy diet will be a balance diet. We need certain amount of protein and also fats to keep our bodies functioning well and keep our skin healthy.

Diet without lack of protein and fat will actually leads to reduce in metabolism of our bodies which are definitely not good in slimming process.

5. In our daily life, if we are not eating for about 4 to 5 hours, the sugar level in blood will reduce. And hence the brain will send signal to make us feel hungry and tired. Once we start eating at this point, the bodies will absorb all the sugar in our diet.

Therefore, it is advisable that we need some healthy snack in between our daily meals. Snack like fruits, juices or other low calories food will helps. This will keep the metabolism up and at the same time prevent the fats deposition.

6. High fiber foods are one of the slim friendly foods. It helps to make you feel full and satisfy for a long period and maintain the blood sugar. This will keep you energetic whole day long.

Have a plate of salad before your meal, or some fruits will helps. But watch out for the calories, it should not be more then 500.

7. When we are facing the temptation of foods, please make sure that the hungriness is not habitually. If you are not really hungry, do not eat. But if you are, please enjoy your food. Some snack like apple, before meal will helps to reduce the calories intake as well.

8. In some slimming diet, carbohydrate rich foods like rice, bread are prohibited. However, if we are taking these in regular amount, it will not lead to obesity. In fact, the protein in rice will help to prevent hair loss, degradation of immunity during the weight loss program. Intake of 150g of rice or bread will ensure the normal functioning of our bodies.

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