Bhumi Pednekar’s sister Samiksha is on a 20-day diet; know more here

Bhumi Pednekar’s sister Samiksha is on a 20-day diet; know more here


Meal Plans for Weight Loss help give structure and consistency to your diet. This diet can be beneficial for people who have a difficult time losing weight on their own. Typically, paleo meal plans avoid processed foods and include fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs and healthy fats. Grass fed meat, seafood and tubers are also included.

Going on a diet doesn’t have to be boring and mundane. In fact, healthy food can be tasty too. If you are still wondering how then take a look at Samiksha Pednekar’s Instagram feed which is a testament to just that. The lawyer who wears different hats as an entrepreneur took to her Instagram Stories to share a few snippets from her diet journey as she embarked upon her 20-day diet with chef Akshay Arora from Neat Meals.

Samiksha, who is Bhumi Pednekar‘s sister, shared a detailed day-to-day meal picture on her Instagram Stories.

Day 1/20 showed a platter comprising paneer with vegetables and rice.

120 grams protein
75 grams of cooked vegetables
50 grams of cooked rice

Day 2/20

Pre-workout meal comprising walnuts and black coffee

Pumpkin risotto with herb grill chicken and toasted vegetables

Snack as a blueberry parfait

Dinner – Salmon with vegetables

Shedding light on the diet plan, chef Arora mentioned that Samiksha has signed up for a project that commences in the next 21 days. “She is working towards carrying a particular body type on screen. Since Samiksha works out throughout the year, she is already holding on to a good amount of muscle. The goal is to drop some fat percentage in the coming 20 days,” Arora told

samiksha Here’s a glimpse (Source: Samiksha Pednekar/Akshay Arora Instagram Stories)

To achieve that Neat Meals company’s nutritionist has created a ‘Shred’ plan for her, apprised Arora.

samiksha Samiksha began her day with black coffee and walnuts (Samiksha Pednekar/Instagram Stories)

Shred plan is a balanced plan where the quantity of protein- fat- carbohydrates have been balanced according to Samiksha’s body type. She will be consuming only fast-digesting carbs, a very low quantity of naturally good fats, a good amount of protein to hold and maintain the muscle she is already carrying and a big serving of vegetables (fibre),” elucidated Arora.


samiksha Day 2 meal (Samiksha Pednekar/Instagram Stories)

Further sharing a few examples, Arora said Black Jack white rice (Pumpkin and sun dried tomato risotto), charred asparagus and sautéed spinach herb-crusted salmon is one meal while another could be sweet and smoked paprika-dusted watermelon seed paneer with grilled baby-potatoes and charred Brussel sprouts and beans.

samiksha Day 3 meal (Samiksha Pednekar/Instagram Stories)

He also noted that Samiksha has three proper meals in a day. Arora mentioned, “Fast digesting carbs are used by the body during her work cardio out sessions so the body does not hold on to carbs, while protein helps in recovery, and fibre helps absorption and digestion of protein.”

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