Fruits, lamb meat & cocoa leaves: Secret to ‘world’s oldest man’s’ vitality

Fruits, lamb meat & cocoa leaves: Secret to ‘world’s oldest man’s’ vitality

What is the secret to living longer? Can following a specific diet could help lengthen your life? This 124-year old man from Peru, who might be the oldest person ever verified, has some answers for you.

Peru’s Andean mountains may hold the secret to longevity and the world’s oldest ever person, if a new claim by state officials of a 124-year-old man born in 1900 are proven to be true. The country’s government has claimed that local resident Marcelino Abad from the central Peruvian region of Huanuco is 124, which would make him by a distance the oldest living person and even top the oldest ever independently verified human.

Marcelino "Mashico" Abad

Peruvian Marcelino “Mashico” Abad smiles a day before celebrating his 124th birthday as local authorities claim he might be the world’s oldest ever person, in Huanuco, Peru April 4, 2024. Photo: Pension 65/Handout via REUTERS

“Among the tranquillity of the flora and fauna of Huanuco, Marcelino Abad Tolentino or ‘Mashico’ developed a healthy way of life and inner peace, reflected in his good health and friendly personality,” the government said in a statement.

“This allowed him, with resilience and skill, to overcome 12 decades of life and on April 5th he just blew out 124 candles.”

Abad, who was born in the small town of Chaglla, has lived off the radar until the Peruvian government identified him in 2019, securing him a government ID and pension. Peruvian authorities say they are helping Abad apply to the Guinness World Records for independent verification. The Guinness World Records currently lists the oldest living man as a 111-year-old Briton who got the title this month after the death of a Venezuelan man who was 114. The oldest living woman is 117, while the oldest person ever verified reached 122.

Fruits and lamb meat

Celebrating his 124th birthday on April 5, Abad says his secrets to vitality include a diet rich in fruits, as well in lamb meat, according to a statement issued by the pension program that Abad is part of.

The centenarian also made a habit of chewing coca leaves, a tradition in Peru’s Andean communities.

Abad now lives in a home for seniors, where for his birthday this month he was treated to a special celebration, complete with a birthday cake with a figurine in his likeness.

Fish and chips for long life

Englishman John Alfred Tinniswood, 111, who previously held the title of being the world’s oldest man had revealed the secret to his long life as luck, moderation and fish and chips every Friday.

Englishman John Alfred Tinniswood, 111, was considered as the new holder of the title by Guinness World Records following the death of the Venezuelan record-holder, Juan Vicente Prez, earlier this year at the age of 114. Gisaburo Sonobe from Japan, who was next longest-lived, died March 31 at 112.


John Tinniswood, 111, poses with his certificate from the Guinness World Records, who announced that he is the world’s oldest living man, in Southport, Britain April 4, 2024 in this handout image. Photo: Guinness World Records/Handout via REUTERS

Born in Liverpool on August 26, 1912, a few months after the sinking of the Titanic, Tinniswood lived through two world wars, serving in the British Army Pay Corps in World War II.

The retired accountant and great-grandfather said moderation was key to a healthy life. He never smokes, rarely drinks and follows no special diet, apart from a fish and chip supper once a week.

The world’s oldest woman is 117-year-old Maria Branyas Morera of Spain.

(With inputs from Reuters & AP)


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