Get rid of the fat with smart food choices

Using Smart Food Choices

How can you lose fat? The Fat Flush Plan, as crazy as it sounds, can help you detoxify your body and reshape your body. Ann Louise Gittleman (Ph.D.) created this low-carbohydrate diet plan in three phases. D., C. N.S.

The plan’s first phase, The Two-Week fat flush, lasts 14 days. It is designed to jumpstart weight loss. Phase 2, The Ongoing fat flush, will help you lose weight while Phase 3, The Lifestyle eating plan, will help you maintain your weight.

The Fat Flush Plan was created to increase metabolism, eliminate bloat, and accelerate fat loss. The plan’s core is a commitment to encourage a healthy lifestyle and simple healthy habits. These are all things that have been lost in today’s hectic lives. Each phase of the plan focuses on achieving this goal.

The Two-Week Fat Flush is based on an average daily intake of 1,100-1,200 calories. It is designed to accelerate weight loss and deliver dramatic results. This will transform your body by helping to accelerate fat loss from the most important fat storage areas in your body – your hips and thighs, as well as your buttocks.

For those who are looking to lose additional weight but still want to eat healthy, the Ongoing Fat Flush is the next step. This portion of the program is for weight loss. It provides approximately 1,200-1,500 calories per day. This phase will continue until you achieve your desired weight.

Lifestyle Eating Plan: This is your maintenance plan for weight control throughout your life. This phase provides over 1,500 calories per day and a basic lifestyle eating plan that will increase your vitality, well-being, and longevity. There will be up to two dairy products, and two more friendly carbs. Phase 3 friendly carbohydrates include more options from non-gluten hypoallergenic and starchier vegetables. To ensure that there aren’t any allergic reactions or your body can tolerate the food well, foods are introduced one at time.

Kerri Waldron

My name is Kerri Waldron and I am an avid healthy lifestyle participant who lives by proper nutrition and keeping active. One of the things I love best is to get to where I am going by walking every chance I get. If you want to feel great with renewed energy, you have to practice good nutrition and stay active.

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