Here’s What Happened To Paleo Diet Foods After Shark Tank – Mashed

Here’s What Happened To Paleo Diet Foods After Shark Tank – Mashed

As Sledge and her caveman actor made their way down the runway, Mark Cuban let out a less than thrilled, “Oh, lord,” at the sight. Sledge explained that eating like a caveman doesn’t mean you have to live like a caveman. She added that her bars are a convenient, Paleo-friendly snack, and stated that she was seeking $150,000 for a 20% stake in her company. Then she gave the bars to the sharks to sample. 

Robert Herjavec shared that he thought the bars were great and tasted a lot better than other protein-boosting foods he usually ate. Cuban, on the other hand, questioned why the bars had so much sugar. Sledge went on to give more details about the diet’s principles after the panelists remarked that she was extremely fit. Those comments prompted her to add that she’s also a fitness instructor as well as a mother to three children and a dental hygienist. This made several of the sharks skeptical of her ability to commit fully to the company. Lori Griener revealed that she did not enjoy the taste of the bars and was the first to bow out. Sledge suggested being open to changing the recipe after receiving the investment. That wasn’t enough to convince the sharks that the company was worth betting on. One by one, the other judges declined to make a deal. Shauna left the “Shark Tank” stage without an investment, hand-in-hand with her husband. 


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