Introducing Paleo Grind from Acabonac Farms: The Nutritious Fusion of Ground Beef and Organ Meats

Introducing Paleo Grind from Acabonac Farms: The Nutritious Fusion of Ground Beef and Organ Meats

Achieve a well-rounded diet that includes all five food groups by following the Paleo diet template. This article was peer-reviewed by an Accredited Practising Dietitian in February 2022.

The paleo diet restricts processed, artificially sweetened foods like cakes, cookies and candy, as well as refined vegetable oils (corn, sunflower, safflower and canola). This limits heart disease risk factors such as high blood pressure and obesity.

Fresh Paleo Grind From Acabonac Farms

Fresh Paleo Grind From Acabonac Farms

Long Island – NY, 8/21/2023 – Acabonac Farms is proud to unveil its latest offering, Paleo Grind, designed to provide a nutritious blend of organ meats seamlessly integrated with premium ground beef. For those dedicated to their paleo, or carnivore diet meal plans, Paleo Grind ensures a flavorful and nutrient-rich addition to any meal.

Crafted for those who understand the health benefits of organ meat but might be hesitant about its taste or texture, Paleo Grind is a game-changer. The product features an expertly blended mix of 80% grass-fed ground beef, 10% grass-fed liver, 5% grass-fed heart, and 5% grass-fed kidney. This balance ensures that the rich flavors of the organ meats complement rather than overpower, making it a delicious and healthful addition to any dish.

From juicy burgers and flavorful chilis to hearty meat loaves or appetizing meatballs, Paleo Grind promises versatility in the kitchen. “For families aiming to incorporate more organ meat into their diet but facing challenges with acceptance, especially from younger members, Paleo Grind offers the perfect compromise. It allows you to subtly introduce the health benefits of organs without compromising on taste,” says Stephen Skrenta – Owner Acaboanc Farms

Product Details:
• 80% Grass-Fed Ground Beef
• 10% Grass-Fed Liver
• 5% Grass-Fed Heart
• 5% Grass-Fed Kidney

Acabonac Farms stands committed to delivering only the freshest and highest-quality local pasture raised meats to your table. When you place an order, expect your flash-frozen meat to arrive at your doorstep promptly, ensuring freshness and flavor are never compromised.

For further inquiries, recipe ideas, or to place an order, please visit or contact Tony Patterson.

271 Yaphank Middle Island Road, NY 11953

Press Contact:
Tony Patterson
(631) 731-2520

About Acabonac Farms: Founded in 2015 on eastern Long Island, Acabonac Farms was created with the goal of pursuing quality meat production that worked with the land rather than against it via regenerative agriculture. Independently owned and operated by Stephen Skrenta, Acabonac Farms is the largest 100% grass fed beef & pastured chicken, lamb and pork farm in the region – offering direct to consumer quality meat via its website

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