Is Festal Paleo Cafe still open on Granville Street? – Vancouver Is Awesome

Is Festal Paleo Cafe still open on Granville Street? – Vancouver Is Awesome

The paleo diet is a plan that focuses on eating foods that are similar to what early humans would have eaten. It removes processed foods and limits the consumption of grains, dairy, legumes and sugar.

Approved Foods

This diet focuses on lean meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and nuts and seeds. It is believed that modern farming introduced foods that are not genetically matched to our bodies and have contributed to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and many other health issues today.

A downtown cafe focusing on paleo diet dishes is closing permanently.

Festal Paleo Cafe at 433 Granville St. between Pender and Hastings has announced it has shut down its spot in the city’s core. The cafe, which included dishes suitable for keto, paleo, and vegan diets, focused on healthy meals. They also had gluten-, dairy-, and sugar-free options.

“With a heavy heart, we are permanently closing Festal Paleo Cafe at our Granville location,” the restaurant owners write on Instagram.

Two issues were central to that decision, they go on to explain. 

“The losses incurred due to COVID-19 and the rising safety concerns in downtown have had a major impact on many small businesses, such as ourselves,” they write in the post.

Festal is located just steps from where a man was fatally stabbed outside a Starbucks last month.

However, fans of Festal’s food can hold out hope for its return to Metro Vancouver plates.

“We hope to reopen at a new location, if we find a space that is feasible; within the next few months,” the owners add.

Where that new location could be, though, has not been shared.

The comments are full of disappointed customers.

“Oh no! The food, especially the smoothies, were fantastic!! Rare place to find that could accommodate all my food allergies,” wrote one person.

“Oh no 😢 We live in Winnipeg but always made a point to visit once or twice while we were visiting our daughter! Hope you get to reopen before we visit her next so we can eat your new location!” wrote another paleo food business.

Festal has encouraged people to stay tuned for updates regarding a potential new location in the replies.


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