Kristin Cavallari Reveals High-Fat Diet That Keeps Her Slim

Kristin Cavallari Reveals High-Fat Diet That Keeps Her Slim

Kristin Cavallari threw fans a curveball as she revealed her diet in an in-depth interview in 2023. Speaking of the butter and bacon she happily eats, the reality star likely got fans talking given her slender frame, although she did make 2022 headlines for revealing some weight gain.

Packing on muscle that year as she got more into her fitness, Kristin wound up making even more headlines for saying that she’s happier when she weighs a little more, but everyone still wants to know what she eats. The Laguna Beach favorite has shared exactly what lands on her plate, including her food mindset.

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Says Eat If You Want To Lose Weight

For Kirstin, the cycle of self-starvation and eventual collapse into over-eating isn’t one that’s conducive to anything.

“So I think the most important thing is that you actually have to eat food,” she told her social media fans. “There’s a misconception that if you don’t eat a lot of food, you’re gonna be skinny. I think it’s the opposite. I think you have to really work on your metabolism.” Here, the podcast host opened up to reveal how her first meal of the day can typically look. “For breakfast, I’ll do a smoothie. I’ll do eggs with sauteed spinach or arugula or something, goat cheese, maybe avocado. Or I’ll do like overnight oats or something like that,” she shared.

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Eats Butter And Bacon

Last fall, Kristin shared even more about her diet, also extending the food mentions to the three kids she’s raising.

“We eat butter, bacon, you name it, as long as it’s real, with no additives. Grass-fed beef, wild-caught fish, pastured eggs, and even raw milk and yogurt are all staples in my house,” the Uncommon James founder shared. Kristin had, in 2022, braved side-by-side photos as she showed her former skinnier self, then shared a butt-baring bikini shot as she flaunted her toned glutes and legs to reveal that she’d packed on a few pounds.

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Pumping That Iron

It isn’t all eating for Kristin, though, who makes sure she burns her calories off. Weight-lifting, which increases Basal Metabolic Rate, means that you can burn more calories at rest. In a nutshell, muscle burns more than fat. So the more muscle you have, the more energy your body goes through.

“I lift weights with a trainer three times a week and do hot yoga one day a week. When I work out, everything else falls into place and my energy is at its best, so feeling that way keeps me on track,” she shared.

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Loves A Big Salad

Kristin makes sure to pack her diet full of healthy, nutritious vegetables. She always ensures that her lunch salads have protein in them and adores a Cobb salad or Greek one. She even uses leftovers for the protein!

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