Marjorie Taylor Greene Dismantles Belief That She Is Dead Set on … – We Got This Covered

Marjorie Taylor Greene Dismantles Belief That She Is Dead Set on … – We Got This Covered

The paleo diet is based on the foods that our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate, before they started farming. It includes plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and fish, and healthy fats.

The paleo diet is low in salt, which helps lower blood pressure and reduces heart disease risk. It also restricts processed foods and high-glycemic carbohydrates, like white bread and pasta.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene‘s attempt to forge a connection with her followers was met with criticism as many felt that her efforts fell short.

On April 23, the United States representative took to her personal Twitter account and shared some fitness advice – a topic very different from the constant allegations Greene has thrown at the opposing party and widely used her social media platform for. Greene’s most recent attacks were toward President Joe Biden and his family, but that would all briefly cease this week when she informed her followers on the benefits of the Paleo diet.

In the tweet, Greene revealed that she was once a “CrossFit affiliate owner and athlete” and has helped numerous people transform their bodies and get fit by suggesting workouts and a Paleo diet. According to Mayo Clinic, a Paleo diet is a plan that includes foods that human beings may have eaten during the Paleolithic Era, dating back millions of years. The site claims that the list of foods included “fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, eggs, nuts, and seeds.” In the upload, Greene wrote, 

“Being a former CrossFit affiliate owner and athlete, I used to maintain a very clean diet and helped many of my members lose weight & get fit. There are lots of other successful options, but I’ve always found Paleo works and is easy to follow even with a very busy schedule like mine.”

Later in the post, the 48-year-old says she maintains her health by lifting weights and eating clean. Greene closed her statement by encouraging others to try it because she wants them to become better and healthier versions of themselves.

As the tweet went viral, many of Greene’s followers called her out because they perceived that she was trying to change her tainted public image by speaking on an engaging subject like fitness and weight loss to get a positive response.

One individual expressed that Greene wasn’t fooling them because she seems to post a tweet “every once in a while” to showcase that she’s not “repulsive.”

Another Twitter user appeared shocked that Greene uploaded a “worthwhile post.”

At the same time, a third person declined Greene’s proposition,

while another accused Greene of trying to be relatable.

Although it is still being determined if Greene will ever respond to the adverse reactions, this result should educate her that just sharing common problems that many face isn’t an effective tactic to make her seem relatable or a well-liked person.


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