Nautical Bowls, another new healthy food option, set to open in Grand Forks

Nautical Bowls, another new healthy food option, set to open in Grand Forks


There is a lot of conflicting information about what we should be eating. The key is to choose a balanced diet that includes lots of fruit and vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. Add low-fat milk, yoghurt and unsalted nuts to your meals to provide healthy fats that may reduce cholesterol.

GRAND FORKS — Nautical Bowls, a company whose website vows to “fuel you right to feel right” is set to open in Grand Forks.

In addition to Crisp & Green — opening soon in the old HuHot Mongolian Grill location along South Columbia Road — Nautical Bowls will be another new restaurant based on healthier menu options.

Nautical Bowls features gluten-free, dairy-free, plant-based, soy-free bowls that feature zero refined sugars and are made with organic, all-natural ingredients. They have several essential vitamins and nutrients.

Unlike Crisp & Green, Nautical Bowls specializes in acai bowls only.

Jen Helgeson, a part owner, will run Nautical Bowls at 3251 32 nd Ave. S. Helgeson finished her final day as a teacher at Wilder Elementary School in early June.


Spending time as an instructional design coach for teachers, Helgeson plans to use the knowledge to develop a top-quality staff at Nautical Bowls.

She spent 12 years in elementary education and five years in the early childhood setting. Though leaving Wilder was bittersweet, she plans to enjoy training and teaching Nautical Bowls workers.

“I believe in our product and my values align with the core value of Nautical Bowls. I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity. … My time at Wilder taught me the importance of building a great climate and culture, while valuing authentic relationships.”

She approached Jon Miskavige of Northridge Construction about the possibility of investing in the company. Miskavige was all in after visiting similar Nautical Bowls locations in the Twin Cities area and in Fargo.

“Once he visited one, he really believed in the product,” Helgeson said.

In fact, Miskavige said the Grand Forks group called Healthy Ventures could open several franchises in the next few years in North Dakota, Texas and Wisconsin.

In addition to Miskavige and Helgeson, Jeremy Miskavige and Ryan Carlson form the Healthy Ventures team.

A married couple from Minnesota, Bryant and Rachel Amundson, started Nautical Bowls in 2018.


“We had a new house, two golden retrievers and a baby boy due right after we opened our doors,” they say on the Nautical Bowls website. “We tend to live by ‘the crazier, the better – do it all at once.’

“… We value a very healthy and active lifestyle, so we knew the business had to line up with that.”

Helgeson says the franchise will try to incorporate catering and event appearances into the Grand Forks location. Protein offered at Nautical Bowls includes all-natural peanut and almond butter and protein bars.

Finding workers hasn’t been a problem. She had more than 60 applicants for positions. She hired 16.

Kevin Fee is a freelance reporter for the Herald.


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