The Best Detox Method: Stop Eating Processed Junk

The Best Detox Method: Stop Eating Processed Junk

Best Detox Method

In modern times, few people have the time or acreage to plant their own fruits and vegetables using natural fertilizers and no pesticides. This is how things used to be before everything went through a manufacturing plant prior to  arriving at your grocery store.

Grocery store foods are generally canned, packaged or frozen—all of them processed.  Think of the aisles of processed cereals, canned vegetables, and snack foods.  These areas of the supermarket are far greater than the produce section, which is where you want to buy most of your food.  Foods not labeled “organic” are likely sprayed with pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, therefore taxing your liver that must break down these processing agents so they aren’t dangerous to your system.

While there are things like detoxifying 3 day juice fasts, it is ideal if you stay away from the damaging foods altogether so you are detoxifying your liver on a regular basis.  Processed junk foods wear down the liver, making it overworked and inefficient.  If you adopt a detoxifying diet, you can de-stress your liver and allow it to regenerate itself into its best operating state.

Your detoxifying diet

To some people, true detoxifying can only be done by fasting with water alone.  This puts no stress on the liver, allows it to “clean house” and prepares it to eat healthy foods with a maximum of detoxifying power.

Your detoxifying diet can be a diet that you choose for a few days or can be gentler, choosing detoxifying foods as part of your longstanding repertoire of foods you eat every day.  Such a detoxifying diet can provide you with loads of energy and maximal mental clarity.

Start this kind of diet with a trip to the store.  Pick up organic fruits and vegetables that naturally detoxify you, such as cilantro, chlorella, garlic, lemons, limes and oranges.  Mung beans are also naturally detoxifying and are easily digested by the digestive tract.  Choose juices that contain a lot of vitamin C, which are high in water and will flush your system with detoxifying chemicals.

Think about buying a juicer in which you can juice collard greens, kale, mustard greens and apples or pears for sweetness.  This provides you with a maximum of detoxifying power and replaces unhealthy processed snacks you can find elsewhere in the store.  Juices will provide your body with caloric energy without the processed bad foods you shouldn’t be eating.
While eliminating junk foods, you will be replacing them with juiced or whole organic fruits and vegetables, taken in every 90 minutes or so.  Taking in food close together will keep your body from getting hungry or feeling deprived.  You will crave processed, sweet and salty foods less and it will only get better as time goes on.

Added Benefits of a Detoxifying Diet

The foods you eat in a detoxifying diet will also help you lose weight.Without the added sugar and fat found in junky processed foods, you will naturally take on fewer calories.  A diet of fruits and detoxifying vegetables contains fewer calories than a highly processed diet. A third of our population is overweight and could use a diet that can do the double duty of helping you lose weight and keeping toxins from overtaxing the liver.

You don’t have to stick with juices or even whole fruits and vegetables. Miso soup will help you fill up, especially with chopped sea vegetables in it.  Brown rice adds fiber and bulk to your stools and is naturally nontoxic, especially if you buy organic foods.  With brown rice, you get a load of B vitamins, which act on your body to reduce stress.  You’ll sleep better at night and your body will naturally flush out your colon each morning.

Further detoxify your body with probiotics (healthy bacteria in capsule form or in yogurt), herbal laxative agents and antioxidants.Your cleansed body can be further purified externally through massage, baths containing aromatherapy oils or meditation exercises.

Kerri Waldron

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