The Best Online Grocery Stores

The Best Online Grocery Stores

Misfits Market’s mission is to fight food waste. It offers produce, pantry staples, and proteins as well as dairy and bakery items. Oftentimes the produce is funny-looking, or nonperishables may have impending best-by dates, but everything is perfectly safe and usable. It also means the cost is significantly lower than it would be if you went to the store. You might be familiar with Imperfect Foods, which had a similar mission—the service has since merged with Misfits Market.

My delivery was mainly produce, all of which was super fresh. Everything was in great shape and either ripe or nearly ripe—nothing was bruised or past its best condition. The fruits and veggies were packed securely, but the packaging was minimal. Items were nestled in plain brown paper rather than plastic. However, if creativity isn’t your strong suit, or you’re not a fan of fruits and vegetables, you might have a tough time using everything up. You also have to customize your box every week, so if that sounds like too much hassle, this may not be the best service.

After signing up for a free membership, you’ll have a three-day shopping window each week to check out the selection. Fill your box with whatever you’d like—the options rotate from week to week, but there will usually be produce, pantry items, and meats to choose from at the bare minimum. You will be charged once the shopping window closes. If you don’t fill your box or meet the order minimum, that week’s delivery is automatically skipped.


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