The One Thing To Keep In Mind When Making Paleo Mayo At Home – The Daily Meal

The One Thing To Keep In Mind When Making Paleo Mayo At Home – The Daily Meal

The paleo diet looks to the eating habits of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. It emphasizes nutrient-dense whole foods and avoids processed and salty snack foods.

These paleo muffins are perfect for a lazy weekend brunch or to have on hand when you’re craving sweet dessert. They’re free of refined sugar and gluten.

To transform your next batch of homemade mayonnaise into a Paleo-approved condiment, all you need to do is swap out the suggested vegetable oil for a less processed variety. To preserve the flavor balance of this simple condiment, you’re better off picking a variety with a more delicate flavor. While olive oil and flaxseed oil are Paleo-friendly, depending on the varieties considered, these oils can impart distinct floral and/or nutty undertones that may overpower the final product. Coconut oil and walnut oil are also options — however, these choices have definitive flavor profiles as well.

To create homemade mayonnaise that tastes comparable to your favorite store-bought variety, use avocado oil. Avocado oil is high in the antioxidant lutein, which supports eye health. It’s also a great source of oleic acid, a beneficial omega-9 fatty acid. Next to the health benefits, avocado oil has a delicate flavor. Its light, silky texture makes it the perfect oil to use when hand-crafting Paleo-approved mayonnaise. 

The resulting texture of mayonnaise when using avocado oil is smooth and spreadable when compared to safflower oil or olive oil, which can leave your homemade mayonnaise a tad thicker than expected.


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