*This* Is Ashley Tisdale’s Secret Sauce For A Rock-Solid Wellness Routine

*This* Is Ashley Tisdale’s Secret Sauce For A Rock-Solid Wellness Routine

Paleo diet information advocates follow a “nose-to-tail” approach to meat, meaning they consume the muscle, organs, and connective tissue of various animals. Vegetable oils, like canola, peanut and sunflower are also off the menu, as are all processed sugars and artificial sweeteners.

The one thing Ashley Tisdale says most people don’t know about her, it’s that she’s funny. “My humor is dry and lowkey,” she says. “My friends think that I should share it more on my socials, but I don’t even know how to show that. I guess that’s just what it’s like when you’re personally with me.”

If you’ve been an Ashley Tisdale fan since the early 2000s, you probably already know that this actress is very funny (there are plenty of memes to back it up), but the 37-year-old entertainer is a lot different than you may remember her. Ashley, like her humor, is a bit more lowkey—and extremely dedicated to wellness. While her Insta feed might not be filled with stand up like her friends would prefer, it is filled with lots of healthy living inspiration and advice.

In fact, Ashley started her own wellness blog and brand, Frenshe, in 2020. Since, she’s been very vulnerable with followers about her health journey, sharing personal details on everything from her alopecia diagnosis to her breast explant surgery.

“I wanted to share these experiences,” the Frenshe CEO says of why she created the brand. “I just really want to make sure people don’t feel so alone in their journey.”

The former actress sat down with Women’s Health to discuss her daily diet and other healthy habits, from her morning workout to her bedtime routine.

She starts her day with a meditation.

ICYDK, Ashley has a two-year-old daughter, Jupiter. Each morning, she gets up with her around 6:30 a.m. Sometimes, the Frenshe CEO gets up even earlier to squeeze a meditation into her morning.

“Meditation is one of those things that is so amazing to have at any moment where you’re feeling a certain way, and you just need to get through that and feel more present and more grounded,” she says. “It helps my anxiety. If I don’t get a meditation in the morning, I can tend to get anxious pretty fast, or just overreact to something [throughout the day] because of my busy schedule.”

For breakfast, she has a matcha, and usually decides between two different meals, depending on how she’s feeling. She’ll either have instant oatmeal (with some cinnamon added on top!) or a little more hearty breakfast: egg whites scrambled with veggies like zucchini, roasted red pepper, or spinach. Yum!

She does a chill workout in the morning.

Ashley tends to get her workout started by 8 a.m. Since she had her daughter, she’s been focusing on her abs. “I don’t really like to do crazy, sweaty workouts,” she says. “It’s very targeted, and slower.”

The mother of one says that her routine changes day-to-day, since she works with a trainer, but she does some light weightlifting and Pilates-style exercises.

Before a workout, she also stretches a lot. “I do a full roll-out for 30 minutes before [my workout], she tells WH. “I’m constantly stretching, which I never used to do. I never cared about that, I didn’t realize how important it is to [stretch].”

She still does Zoom yoga.

When she was pregnant with her daughter, Ashley started doing yoga classes virtually with an instructor based in Hawaii. “I met her through my doula, and she’s just such a special person,” she says. “She’s a visionary and [manifests] such positive things. I love working with her, so I continued even after I had Jupiter.”

Her yoga classes also fluctuate day-to-day. “If I’ve had a lot of anxiety, then I’ll do more of a meditative Shavasana,” she tells WH. “Other days, I’ll be ready to do more of a full workout [style of] yoga.”

She eats dinner with her whole fam.

Ashley, her husband, Christopher French, and Jupiter eat together most nights. “We try to eat with Jupiter as much as we can, so it’s a family dinner together,” she says.

Sweet Earth Mindful Chik’n Strips Plant Based Protein

 Mindful Chik'n Strips Plant Based Protein

Sweet Earth Mindful Chik’n Strips Plant Based Protein

Similarly to breakfast, the French family’s dinners fluctuate based on what they’re feeling that day.

“I’m all about like intuitive eating and feeling like what you’re wanting and what your body [wants]. I just love food,” Ashley says.

However, she tries to do a fully plant-based meal at least once a week, usually made with ingredients from Sweet Earth (she is currently partnering with them). “I actually love their food,” she says. “[The meals] are so flavorful and easy to make.”

She particularly likes using Sweet Earth’s Mindful Chik’n to make tacos, or their Pad Thai Bowls.

Her diet changes if she has an alopecia flair up.

Ashley is very open with her alopecia diagnosis on her blog and Instagram. “[When I have a flair up], I start to really manage my stress levels because it’s always around a stressful event,” she says.

DS-01® Daily Synbiotic

DS-01® Daily Synbiotic

DS-01® Daily Synbiotic

She does this through meditating, yoga, and changing her diet to an autoimmune paleo diet (which consists of veggies, fruits, seafood, poultry and herbs). She only does the diet for about 30 days at a time to improve her gut health (she also takes Seed probiotics).

Some other more expensive, options she seeks out to promote her hair growth are PRP treatment and using a Hairmax Laser Band.

She winds down with a shower, meditation, and Succession.

After she eats dinner, Ashley puts Jupiter down for bed and watches a show with her husband—lately, that’s Succession. “Not a wind down show,” she jokes. “But it’s one of our favorites right now.”

Being Frenshe Lavender Cloud Body Wash

Lavender Cloud Body Wash

Being Frenshe Lavender Cloud Body Wash

Then, she takes a hot shower, usually using her brand’s Lavender Cloud body wash for extra relaxation. “I love showers at night,” she says. “I love the nightly ritual to calm me down.”

If she isn’t able to meditate in the morning, Ashley will tack it onto her nighttime routine.
“[After] all of the stuff that you’ve gone through that day, it’s just nice to rest your body and feel good. [Meditation] is one of my favorite things,” she says.

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She believes in listening to her body.

Ashley is, without a doubt, a wellness connoisseur. Her wellness journey is always evolving. “We really need to remember to take moments for ourselves,” she says. “It’s so important to listen to our bodies, because when we’re anxious, or feeling a certain way, there’s probably a reason we’re feeling that way.”

Your Power to Heal: Resolving Psychological Barriers to Your Physical Health

Your Power to Heal: Resolving Psychological Barriers to Your Physical Health

Your Power to Heal: Resolving Psychological Barriers to Your Physical Health

Other philosophies the wellness guru lives by are spelled out in Your Power To Heal by Henry Grayson, one of her favorite books. “It’s an interesting book. There’s so many things in [Your Power To Heal] that I felt like I already knew,” she says. “I really enjoy the whole idea that we are not victim to things happening, that we have the power to heal ourselves.”

You’ve got all the power, Ashley!

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