We’re kidding ourselves if we think our children have a healthy diet – The Times

We’re kidding ourselves if we think our children have a healthy diet – The Times

Healthy food

Food that is good for you should be a regular part of your diet. It should provide a variety of nutrients and contain few calories, fat or added sugars.
This means eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and beans. Avoid highly processed foods such as fast food, chips, cookies and frozen pizzas.

British toddlers have one of the worst diets in the world. Analysis of children’s diets in eight countries showed under-5s in the UK consume the most mass-manufactured foods, with instant meals making up almost two thirds of their average energy intake, a forthcoming report is set to conclude.

Improving what we eat is especially crucial for children. Their nutritional needs fall on all our shoulders — making the access they have to healthy food, and how it is advertised, is just as important as giving parents the tools and resources to choose healthy food for them.

This new research has linked popular ultra-processed baby and toddler foods — like biscuits, puff and stick-style crisps, purée pouches and ready meals — with weight gain and growth

Source: thetimes.co.uk

Kerri Waldron

My name is Kerri Waldron and I am an avid healthy lifestyle participant who lives by proper nutrition and keeping active. One of the things I love best is to get to where I am going by walking every chance I get. If you want to feel great with renewed energy, you have to practice good nutrition and stay active.

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