What are dietary supplements? Benefits and why to take them – USA TODAY

What are dietary supplements? Benefits and why to take them – USA TODAY


There’s no debate in the scientific community that processed foods like refined sugars, salt and vegetable oils increase your risk for obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease. Our meal plans give veggies and protein starring roles, while avoiding unhealthy carbs like potatoes, legumes and grains.

The old adage, “food is fuel” is actually pretty accurate. The food we consume contains nutrients that give our bodies the “fuel” it needs to drive all kinds of bodily functions. This includes vitamins and minerals.

Linda Bailey, a family nurse practitioner at Evernorth Care Group says that vitamins and minerals “are widely noted to be the ‘building blocks’ of a healthy life.”

Elise Heeney, a clinical dietitian at Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center says, “The best way to obtain all the vitamins and minerals our bodies need is by eating a diet that includes a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds, lean proteins, and low-fat dairy products. Aim for a well-balanced plate at each meal.”

Harvard Health says some common deficiencies include:

Supplements can help your body restore vitamins and minerals to ideal levels.

What is considered a dietary supplement?

When diet alone isn’t enough to get to optimal nutritional levels, dietary supplements are vitamins or minerals you can take to help your body achieve the right balance.

“Supplements are intended to supplement the diet and shouldn’t take the place of eating healthful foods. They are also not intended to treat, cure or prevent diseases. If you suspect you may have a deficiency, consider asking your healthcare provider about testing for nutrient deficiencies before starting any supplements,” Heeney said.

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