Where Is Paleo Diet Foods From Shark Tank Today? – Daily Meal

Where Is Paleo Diet Foods From Shark Tank Today? – Daily Meal

The paleo diet is based on foods that our ancestors would have eaten in the Paleolithic era. It aims to increase your intake of meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and healthy fats.

It excludes salt, refined sugar, processed foods and refined vegetable oils. It also avoids grains, legumes and most dairy.

The customer knows best. As told by the Coloradoan, that mindset is exactly what inspired Shauna Sledge’s paleo product. Originally, Sledge was simply making nutrition bars. However, when customers told Sledge her bars didn’t fit into their new Paleo Diets, she adapted. Thus, Paleo Diet Foods, LLC was born, and Sledge was even able to get Dr. Loren Cordain’s endorsement for her protein bars. Local stores started selling the product, and that eventually led to nationwide sales. So, where does one go from there? “Shark Tank,” of course!

“I really feel like I need the Sharks and their influence and their connections for us to survive,” Sledge explained before asking for $150,000 and offering the Sharks 20% equity of her company in exchange. Sadly, Lori Greiner simply didn’t like the taste of the bar and shut Sledge down almost immediately. After that first rejection, Sledge began tearing up, and passionately stated, “It might take a little bit longer without you guys, but I’m not going to stop.” Unfortunately, Kevin O’Leary, Robert Herjavec, and Daymond John all felt that Sledge lacked focus since she was also working as a dental hygienist and fitness instructor at the time. Mark Cuban couldn’t bring himself to stomach the deal, either, disapproving of the high amounts of fruity sugar in the bars. And for those reasons, all the Sharks went out.

So, did Sledge keep her promise to never stop trying?

Source: thedailymeal.com

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