World’s healthiest country for British expats named

World’s healthiest country for British expats named

Seeking a healthier lifestyle? Moving abroad as an expat could be the answer, according to a study from CEOWORLD magazine.

The study looked at data from the United Nations Population Division, the World Bank, the Lancet study and the World Health Organisation to find the world’s healthiest country.

Italy came out on top. The Mediterranean country was crowned the world’s healthiest country with an average life expectancy of 82.

In fact, one of the world’s Blue Zones, areas where people tend to live to over 100, is in Italy. Sardinia has nearly 10 times more centenarians than the USA.

So what else makes Italy so healthy?

Despite its reputation for pizza and gelato, Italy’s residents actually enjoy a healthy Mediterranean diet.

The balanced diet puts a heavy focus on fruit and vegetables with olive oil the most commonly used dressing.

“The Mediterranean diet emphasizes fats that are good for your heart, whole grains, nuts or seeds, fruits or vegetables, legumes, and seafood,” Cory Ruth, a registered dietitian nutritionist said.  “It discourages refined grains, added sugar, trans fats, and processed foods.”

While the Mediterranean diet isn’t technically a weight loss diet, studies have shown that people on the Mediterranean diet lost between nine and 22 pounds (1.5st) after a year on it.

Italy’s sunny climate also helps its residents’ health as people are able to spend a lot of time exercising outside.

Singapore was named the world’s second healthiest country. The city has plenty of green spaces for residents to exercise.

It’s also one of the world’s leading destinations for expats but accommodation is expensive in the bustling city.

Iceland grabbed the third spot on the list with many residents leading an active lifestyle with a diet rich in seafood. It has also been named the second safest country for retired expats and is famous for its stunning natural environment.


Kerri Waldron

My name is Kerri Waldron and I am an avid healthy lifestyle participant who lives by proper nutrition and keeping active. One of the things I love best is to get to where I am going by walking every chance I get. If you want to feel great with renewed energy, you have to practice good nutrition and stay active.