Navy aims to provide healthier food options to sailors

Navy aims to provide healthier food options to sailors

Move is part of quality-of-life improvements following two clusters of sailor suicides in 2022 and 2023 that resulted in 9 deaths.

NORFOLK, Va. — Following two clusters of sailor suicides, the Navy has worked to improve the quality of life in the service.

Last year, an investigation recommended nearly 50 changes — including providing healthy food and cooking options for sailors.

Galleys across the Navy are already following strict guidelines to ensure sailors have access to nutritious food options  — within 20 minutes of their living and working facilities — through what’s called the Go Green program.

The galley at Naval Station Norfolk is where most enlisted sailors, who live in the barracks, go to eat.

The initiative was designed to help service members easily identify healthier food options. It was originally implemented across all services in 2016 but it’s been expanded continuously.

It requires foods in dining facilities to be color-coded green, yellow or red to help sailors choose foods that contribute to a well-balanced diet and wellness.

According to Naval Station Norfolk Food Service Officer Chief Warrant Officer 3 Larry Lovell, the galley consistently looks for opportunities to combine food that actually tastes good with healthier options that sailors will enjoy.

“It’s very important because fresh fruits and vegetables, that is a part of a healthy human. And sailors, Army, soldiers, we all are entitled to have the fuel that they need to fight the mission,” he said.

Lovell continued: “We continuously, weekly have production meetings to try to figure out ways to enhance every entree that we prepare from the green all the way to the red.”

Last month, the Navy opened a 24/7 MicroMarket at Newport News Shipbuilding.

The idea is to provide a range of healthy food options throughout the day for sailors who work at all hours at the shipyard.


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