Vegetables That Are Natural Detoxifiers

Vegetables That Are Natural Detoxifiers

Vegetables That Are Natural Detoxifiers

In today’s times, we need all the detoxifying we can get. Our environment is polluted from the air, the food we eat, and the water we drink.

Even water that comes from municipal sources is not very healthy. In fact, it is recommended that you drink municipal water that has been treated with reverse osmosis. After the water is purified, you add a couple of drops of trace minerals that we really need.

Almost everyone needs to detox in order to cleanse the body and detoxification is actually a part of the trilogy of nutritional action that also includes building, and maintenance.

Detoxification is part of transformational medicine that facilitates change on many levels, and change along with evolution is essential to the healing process that in turn brings wellness.

When we eliminate toxins from our boy we get rid of build-up, improve digestive health and we ultimately feel lighter and well.

Processed Foods

Too much of our diet consists of processed foods. Foods processed before going to the store are treated with all kinds of preservatives to help them make the journey from the farm or factory to your house. These preservatives are non-nutritive and the liver must tax itself to get rid of the preservatives. You should instead purchase foods that are certified organic, meaning they have been grown without artificial preservatives and packaged in their natural state without added preservatives.

Detoxifying the body means eating foods that can gradually balance the liver and can keep it functioning at its maximal power. While you can do a quick detox using a juice, cleanse, it is better to keep a regulated diet that can detoxify the liver on an ongoing basis. Fruits and vegetables that have not been sprayed and are listed as “organic” are your best choices along with whole grain products without added preservatives. You should freshly squeeze your juices so that the amount of preservatives is less.

Choose Fruits and Vegetables that have not been sprayed…

The following fruits and vegetables are commonly sprayed in large farms and should be purchased in organic form as much as possible:

•    Strawberries
•    Apples
•    Peaches
•    Celery
•    Blueberries
•    Spinach
•    Bell peppers
•    Cherries
•    Nectarines
•    Kale and other greens
•    Imported grapes
•    Potatoes

Again, spend most of your shopping time in the fresh produce department buying organically grown fruits and vegetables, avoiding frozen or canned foods.

Detoxifying Fruits and Vegetables

Sometimes you need a bit more detoxifying, especially when you are beginning a meal plan of healthy, non-toxic foods. The following foods are naturally detoxifying to your liver and should be incorporated into your diet as much as possible:

•    Garlic: Garlic is food that acts as a natural antibiotic. It carries the ability to promote detoxifying liver enzymes. Crush garlic in many recipes or squeeze the raw garlic cloves to get a pulpy juice to be added to recipes. Chopped garlic works as well.
•    Cilantro:  Cilantro helps you detoxify your body against mercury, which is in all aspects of our environment. Cilantro can be purchased raw and can be chopped into salads, on soups or in dips and salsas. Cilantro is often added to juiced vegetables for smoothies that are nutritious and detoxifying.
•    Chlorella:  Chlorella detoxifies your system to rid it of heavy metals. It is often combined with cilantro for an extra-special benefit.
•    Omega-3 Oils: Omega-3 oils are great for body inflammation and for keeping the small intestines lubricated for easy passage of food. This keeps toxic substances from entering the system through the wall of the intestines. You can get omega-3 fatty acids in foods like flax seeds, avocado and ground hemp. Pure extra-virgin olive oils are another great source for omega-3 oils.
•    Broccoli sprouts: Broccoli and similar cruciferous veggies have been shown to prevent cancer. It does this by ridding the body of toxins that promote cancer.
•    Papaya: Both the pulp and seeds are detoxifying fruits.
•    Lime or lemon in water: Detoxify your body every morning with a warm glass of water infused with the juice of a wedge of lime or lemon. It acts directly on the liver to promote detoxification.
•    Beets: Beets are great at detoxifying the blood in your bloodstream.

Eating whole food in itself is detoxifying because it is natural and unprocessed and nutrition at its best providing the body all that it needs to function properly and feel good.

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